Shaira Tartan Wedding Dress
Shaira tartan wedding dress is a classy compromise between traditional look and a modern cut. Best option if you value the comfort of wearing and modest yet elegant style. This tartan wedding dress is tailored with the tartan pattern and...
Isla Gown, Tartan Wedding
The Isla tartan wedding dress is the best choice if you seek elegance and a sophisticated look. It will suit the Prince Charlie outfit perfectly and can be tailored in a tartan of your choice. Stylish and charming!The Isla wedding...
Bella Tartan Wedding Dress
Bella tartan wedding dress is the best choice for those of you who seek traditional, yet romantic and eye-catching dress. The tartan part is tailored with the tartan of your choice, so you don't have to worry about whether it...
Abigail Tartan Wedding Dress
A truly splendid dress made of many types of silk petticoat/net and acrylic wool fabric combined into a stylish creation, irregular hem and flounces which give it a modern character with a tint of melancholy. A fabulous composition of acrylic...
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