Irish Music Flute
Irish Music Flute Ideal for the musician who is always on the go for performances, the Irish Music Flute comes with a protective hard wood storage box with felted lining and brass fasteners to protect the instrument while you're traveling....
Irish D Flute in African black wood
Irish D Flute in African black wood Enjoy the musical styling of a genuine irish D flute in african black wood with a look that is sleek and stylish. The Black Wooden Irish D Flute is crafted out of African...
Irish Finger Flute Rosewood
Irish Finger Flute Rosewood Learn to reproduce the music from your culture and heritage with the Irish Finger Flute in Rosewood. This durable flute is a beautiful display of the flutes from your culture, and you can carry it with...
Irish Rosewood Professional Flute
Irish Rosewood Professional Flute Perfectly tuned and ready for playing, the Irish Music Rosewood Professional Flute is a handcrafted flute made in accordance with classic Irish crafting traditions. A true work of art, this exquisite instrument is made from carefully...
Irish D Wooden Flute
Produce the traditional music of your people with the Irish D wooden Flute is a professional flute that is crafted out of only the highest quality materials using classic craftsmanship methods. It is made entirely out of durable, high quality...
Bb Ebony wood Marching flute
Bb Ebony wood Marching flute high pitch with tuning slide head 5 Keys Three parts. It come with individual velvet lined wood box.
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