How to wear a kilt?

It becomes increasingly more difficult to get dressed in your outfit once you have your kilt on so begin by putting your shirt and socks on first. Make sure that your socks aren't twisted as you pull them over your kneecap. Pull the top of the sock down to cover the garter of your flashes, leaving around a two finger gap below your knee. If the top of your sock comes down too far, you can fold them back on themselves to ensure you see enough of the flashes. It can be quite awkward to tie the Ghillie laces yourself so, if possible, it can be easier for someone else to tie them for you. If not, our chosen method is simple and easy to follow so you will be able to do this yourself. Pull the laces up and away from you. Twist the laces together around 5 or 6 times then wrap behind the leg. Bring back to the frontend do a small tie and then tie them like a normal shoe lace at either the back or the side. Your laces should sit below your calf muscle, this way they shouldn't fall down. Now place the Sgian Dubh in the top of the sock of your most dominant hand, you should only be able to see the top of the Sgian Dubh. Next put on your tie. Our Cravats are simple to put on and fasten with a clip at the back. The Cravat can be adjusted to perfectly fit your collar size. It can be useful getting someone to help tighten it. For a Cravat, the collar stays up at the back and the wingtips fold down at the front. The tie should be fastened tightly against the top button, and there should be no gap. If you are wearing different type of tie, we have other video to assist in putting them on. Fasten the Kilt Pin on to the kilt before putting on. Pick out a prominent line in the tartan on the right hand side and follow this down. Fix the Pin to the very top layer of the cloth. It should not go all the way through. If you are hiring a biznimart, this will already be attached for you. Wrap the kilt around your body, keeping the pleats at the back. The kilt should be sitting around your naval, or around an inch above. Cross the right hand side over first and place the strap through the gap in the material and through the buckle on your left hip. Then cross the left hand side over and fasten the buckle on the other side. Now that the kilt is fastened tightly around your naval, please ensure that the kilt is centered. Some kilts have a center line which you can follow but if not, use a mirror to make sure that the fringing is on the right hand side and the first pleat on the left are sitting parallel and aligned evenly at the side of your hips. The length of the kilt should then just be overlapping the top of your knee and sit in the crease at the back of your knee. The Sporran should be worn at the front of your kilt and sit center to your Waistcoat. Put the Sporran on before the Waistcoat. You can always adjust it once you have your waistcoat on. The Chain Straps can be placed through the belt loops at the back of the kilt but this is not required. As long as the Chain Strap sit on top of the belt buckles, the sporran will not fall down. Put on your Waistcoat and ensure that the Sporran is sitting in the correct position. It should sit just under the waistcoat but not be touching. Finally, put on your Jacket and make sure that everything is sitting straight and in line. We hope that you enjoyed our online Style Guide. If you need any more information, please visit us online.
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