Brogues & Shoes

$50.00 $75.00
Piper or Drummer black Genuine or patent leather Ghillie shoesSoft and easy feeling Brogue for your feetRemovable bow buckles
Blane Ghillies have a slightly lower profile than other ghille styles, which gives them a nice formal look.Ghillie Brogue with full leather upper solecemented leather sole and calf leather lining to avoid sock staining.Padded top-line for additional comfort.
Scottish Ghillie Brogue. Made from genuine or patent leather with steel heal cut for maximum sound during parade. Laces with tassels are long enough to go around your ankles. Comfort feeling brogue.
$50.00 $70.00
Ghillie Brogues are an essential part of any Highland Outfit! Made from 100% Genuine LeatherLeather Uppers and Stitched Rubber SolesOriginal Military Highland BroguesCan be worn with Day Dress, Full Dress or with Trews.Black Grain Leather. Goodyear Welted Leather Sole